Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy 33rd Birthday Jamie!


Last month we started a project for Jamie's 33rd birthday and fans from all around the world joined us in celebrating Jamie's special day. Below you can find all the birthday messages, edits and videos sent to us!

From Alida, @alida_v

From Aisha Jaber

From Jennelyn Maniego, @jen_maniego

From Ashin Fernandes

From Payal Mittal


From Sadhorn Tuntirarux

Dear sir,
Happy Birthday to Mr Dornan, I just want to let you know how I'm appreciated the way he is, every picture I could find is so perfect person with his wife and daughter. Nice to watching all of them.
Thank you for all you have done for Jamie, very good works and worth to follow.
Best regards,

From Maritess Guerrero, @tessg722

Hi Jamie, 
Hope all is well. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a beautiful day! :) 
And I just wanted to also say that I am a big fan of yours. Loved you on "Once Upon A Time" and now on "The Fall"...two very different characters but your acting is so amazing in both! And of course...also in "Fifty Shades of Grey" film. I gotta say when it was said you were going to take over the role of Christian...I thought what a great choice!! I know you are going to be great..if you can make Paul Spector likable...human...and to some even much more for Christian Grey...I wish you the best yet to come in life and for all your future projects. I am a fan forever. Really hope to meet you one day. God Bless you & your family. Happy Birthday again :)

Maritess Guerrero

From Mehtap, @corneredwildcat

From Fiona Cameron, @fionacameron74

From Eleni, eleni_kam1


From Carmelita

From Glenda

Dear Jamie,
What a lovely thing for your fans to do for your 33rd birthday.  I wish you much luck with your career in the coming year and look forward to seeing your new films in 2016.  Enjoy life and especially your lovely family.
Glenda Schlaifer

From Angélique

Joyeux anniversaire d'une fan de belgique qui a vraiment apprecié ton personnage et la façon d'on tu as joué dans 50 Nuances de GREY . J'espere pouvoir avoir un jour la chance de te rencontré. Gros bisou. - Angélique Blehen

Happy Birthday from a Belgian fan who really liked your character and the way you played in Fifty Shades. I hope to be able to meet you one day. Big kisses. - Angélique Blehen

From Anna @_emeraldeye_

From Yarenis

Espero que dios te bendiga mucho y te brinde una familia feliz que comparta todos tus buenos momentos y sigue adelante con tu familia que es no mas importante eres mi inspiración me ayudastes a cambiari forma de ser mi héroe te amo con el buen sentido feliz cumpleaños
I hope God bless you with an amazing family to share all the good moments you deserve. Family is the most important thing in your life. You’re my inspiration. You help me to change my character… you’re my hero. I love you (in a good sense) Happy Birthday!

From Trini, @TriniDelia

From Lisa, @lisatosh93

From Hilal

From Diane

Hi Jamie
Happy Birthday! :) I hope it's a great one!
I am a fan from the first time I saw you a few years ago on the show Once Upon A Time...then I saw The Fall which  was shown on Bravo in Canada which you were superb in. Then of course Fifty Shades of Grey...can't wait for the next 2 movies from the trilogy and of course the ones you are working on now!
I saw in an interview that Dakota Johnson did that you were often singing on the I was curious and went to YouTube and saw the video you did with Sons of Jim for the song "My Burning Sun" what a great song and you have a beautiful voice. You should really record more songs whenever you have time.
Speaking of Dakota I noticed that Nicholas Braun her co-star in the movie she's doing now happens to have the same Birthday as you May 1st but a different year. Quite the coincidence eh!
I hope you have a terrific Birthday and a wonderful year ahead! I wish you all the best!
Maybe one day you'll have a chance to visit our beautiful city of Montreal Canada!
Good Luck with  getting an Emmy nomination for The Fall! :)
Which makes me wonder if Dakota ever did get that beautiful silver lamp that looked like an Emmy that she noticed sitting on one of the tables on one of the many interviews you were doing for Fifty Shades! Maybe that was carma for you!
Take Care :)
Diane Gauthier
Montreal Canada
Also born in the wonderful month of May!

From Lucy, @bubblybathlou

From Kayla, @50shadesaddict_

From Elianeth Puente, @3lianeth94

From Alihan Teker

Happy birthday to you, I wish I had known you earlier👻👍🏼
I love youuu. MY IDOL!!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎈🎈✨

From Ecem, @ecemtamc

I may be far away from you, But you are the only resident of my only heart… So I am wishing a great Birthday to the only resident of my heart. May you live in my heart forever. Happy Birthday. 

From Shahwar Warsi

From Müge, @arsenalmge

From Başak

Dear My Grey ,
When they chose you for Fifty Shades Of Grey , that day was my first meeting with you. When I learned it I understood you that you are the right person for this role. Because some people couldn't see the pure love , but I could see that. You were like the real lover in my eyes. I thought that the book was written for you. Then I learned something about you. And I admired you. I admired the way you love your family , your personality , your smile , your voice , your acting. I admired your voice because I listened all of your songs . They were wonderful. You are perfect. Happy Birthday Jamie. Happy Birthday My Mr Grey. I hope your lovely family , the happiness , love , success,   health will be with you in your whole life. I hope you will act a lot of films and we can see you long times. Happy Birthday !
I hope one day we can meet. I love you. Kiss you ! :)
Başak Kokutay

From Deren Deletioğlu, @derendeletioglu

From Catherine Moris Pawahton, @CaatiMoris

From Serene

Dearest & beloved Jamie,
Happy birthday!
May you stay charming and sexy forever!
You are the perfectest & hottest guy I ever seem in my life.
I was attracted by you after I watch your film.
No matter is Paul Spector from The Fall, Colin from Flying Home nor Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey, they are always on my mind for 24/7.
I'm glad that Charlie Hunnam cannot make it for Fifty Shades.
I do like your accent and the way you having joke.
You are so adorable.
Amelia and Dulcie are so lucky to have you.
I believe you are great husband and father.
This year is the 33th birthday of you.
Wish you have a blessing birthday with Amelia and Dulcie!
May God always bless you and love you. I will always love you too!!
I really really hope that you could visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in one day.
I will be honor if I could be your tour guide and bring you to have some delicious and fantastic local food here! <<< Check this out!! In case you not sure where is Malaysia. !!
Have a good day!!
Serene Lee
(A fans who from Malaysia that always hope can have chance to meet you personally!)

From Elif

Thanks for the man who changed my life and gave colour to my life.Happy birthday MR Grey!
Elif Demirağ

From Chanisa

Happy Birthday to You, Jamie.

From Ece

Hi jamie, I love you so much and I really suits are very sympathetic and beard. Happy Birthday, nice to happy years. I love the wishes of what you spend ...
                     I'm from Turkey, İstanbul - Ece Almila Yıldırım

From Giez

Happy birthday Mr.Grey :]
Wish all the best came to you :3
From your big fan :)
(medical student in Thailand)

From Pamela Brooks

Have a glorious day Mr. Dornan who has so much more acting chops than we saw in FSOG!!!!!   Loved The Fall series and great to see you nominated for it....Stay grounded and remember to take that personal family time even when you're going through the media blitz right now..Your fans may come and go but family is where your heart and history are!!!
Pamela (from across the pond in Oxford Michigan)

From Eva Szoke, @eva_szoke

From Estefanía Carrillo

From Vane, @vanestevens1 and Latin American fans

From Nick, @Nickdrewrauhl

I'm 20 years old and man to man I can say that I estimate your carreer and I estimate you like a man. Happy bithday and I hope to ask your autograph and to see you soon in Italy

From Tiffany, @DarkAngale

From Angela Evangelista, @VALpolar_

From Marisol Cahuana Palomino

Jamie Dornan Life Team

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