Friday, May 8, 2015

Anna Sargeant Mentions Jamie

With a recent role as one of the female graduates in Fifty Shades of Grey and another background role in the Fox crime-comedy series Backstrom, 22-year-old Canadian actress Anna Sargeant has been appearing on both the big and small screens. Real Style spoke to the emerging actress about her experience working with actress Dakota Johnson, her dream role and her strong case of the travel bug.

Real Style: How was the experience of working alongside Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, as part of the Fifty Shades of Grey cast?

Anna: It was a great experience. Myself, Dakota, Eloise Mumford who played Kate and the other girl in the scene with me, Megan Danso, who played the other graduate, we all sat together in the makeup trailer that morning, chatted and ate breakfast. That was really nice, just being around actors who were just so open and friendly. In terms of acting in the scene, Dakota was just very at ease and very easy in between takes.

I didn’t really talk too much to Jamie. I was obviously ogling him as my part! One of the only interactions I had with him was we were walking around and he was singing, if I remember correctly. He was just singing some show tune, and I was like “Oh, that dude’s talented!” I mainly talked to Dakota on set, but everyone involved was just really lovely, really friendly. The atmosphere on set was really great.


Fangirlish: How hard was it oogling at Jamie Dornan all day? (BTW we’re so jealous!)

Anna: Yes…When I saw Jamie on set I was like, “Yep, that is an ATTRACTIVE man.” It definitely wasn’t hard to ogle, was I even acting? We’ll never know.

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