Monday, December 15, 2014

Jamie Talks About Paul Spector

Belfast Telegraph: (...) Having auditioned for The Fall to play a police officer, he was summoned back from LA where he was unsuccessfully trying out for pilot season and asked to audition for killer Paul Spector.

A gruelling six-hour audition proved that he was the right man for the role and his part was secured in what would become BBC2’s most watched original drama in nearly a decade.

The Fall, he readily admits, has changed his life and was the reason he was cast in Fifty Shades. But, again he credits his family life and his role as a father in helping him make the part his own.

"In the case of Paul Spector, now that I’m a father I have some perspective on being a dad. His love for his family is the main thing which humanises him in the  mind of the audiences and makes him much more an appealing figure than if he were simply a cold blooded killer. When he kills, it’s not sexual. He’s never cheated on his wife. There are two lovely kids that he loves but then there’s the night."

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  1. I can't remember a show that has captured my interest as much as The Fall. I'm at intrigued with Spector. I think Season 3 will reveal some surprises about Spector that will make him even more appealing given his dark and heinous crimes. I think he and Stella will have more interaction. Paul, as the antagonist and Stella as the protagonist will create more drama. There will be more surprises about Spector that make him an even more sympathetic character but he will die in the end. Stella will have regrets that will haunt her about her contribution to his loss. Supt. Whatsisname said to her, "I think we've got him. Good work." But I think she is saddened by his story and demise.