Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eddie Redmayne Talks About Jamie

Starts 11:54

- I heard that in your early 20s you would constantly be in the same room as Andrew Garfield and Jamie Dornan?

Eddie Redmayne: Yup. That's true.

- Other unknowns.

Eddie Redmayne: (...) There was a period where we were all out here and we all had American agents. And we would just stay on friends' floors and help each others with auditions. Because when you come to this city, it's such an alien city. Particulary compared to London, where you can walk everywhere, you can stumble across things. So we tended to stick together as a wee clan and it's where some of my greatest friendship have come from. Having friends who have also been through it have the ups and downs. It's good to share.


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