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Aisling Franciosi Talks About Jamie and 'The Fall'

Now we know you probably get asked this all of the time, but what is it really like working with Jamie Dornan, please tell us he’s nothing like his character in real life!?

No not at all, he’s so, so lovely. He’s so down to earth and has a really good sense of humour and he’s so self-deprecating! It just makes it so much easier to work with someone when you know they don’t take themselves seriously. We had a few scenes that were kind of tough so having someone that you get one well with, and is really caring and supportive is really helpful in that situation. And apart from that, he always gave a performance even when the camera wasn’t on him, which helps the whole scene and gives you something better to act off. He’s a very giving, supportive actor.

Was there a big difference for the cast after he had filmed 50 Shades?

Obviously when we did season one, he hadn’t done 50 Shades of Grey yet. People were just stopping him for photos an awful lot and hanging around waiting to see him. Even on Twitter people were like, ‘I think that there’s some filming going on, maybe Jamie’s down there’ which is just crazy! It just shows how much things can change in a year, you know? But he deserves all the success that he gets because he is such a great actor. I’ve said it before but I’m protective of him in a way in the sense that he gets so objectified because obviously he’s very good looking but first and foremost he’s a really talented actor.

And tell us about that scene in episode three…

Yeah, my brother was like, “you’re breaking Twitter!” I knew that people would kind of react to that a bit obviously because it’s very sensitive material obviously if you look at it. I mean she’s a 16 year old girl and he’s a serial killer. But I felt totally safe doing it, everyone was very respectful. And as I said, Jamie and I get on very well anyway and we can trust each other.

The hardest bit of that whole scene was actually having to spit on him! I actually went into the corridor and was trying to practice spitting. Whatever about spitting when you’re brushing your teeth or something, but I actually don’t spit… So one of the notes I got from the director was, “we’re going to need more spit, just you know, really hawk up”. And I was like, ‘I actually can’t do that, you’re asking me to spit on Jamie’s face, this is so gross!’.

What’s been the most challenging part about playing Katie?

She’s really interesting because she’s so headstrong in so many ways but really, really vulnerable as well.  For me it was kind of getting the balance between the fact that she’s clearly had tragedy in her life and is very impressionable and it coming from a believable place that she’s so infatuated and obsessed with Spector. I wanted to be as realistic as possible. I did a lot of research and the truth is that a lot of murderers who are in prison in the states have young wives so it does happen.

What can we expect for the rest of the series of The Fall?

When I was doing some voiceover stuff for it re-recording a few lines, I saw them mixing the sound on Episode Six, the final episode. I have to say I was watching it on the edge of my seat, I was so excited! And that’s with me already knowing what’s happens! There are a few things coming up that will literally just shock people. You won’t expect some of the things that happen at all…

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