Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jamie is #10 on Just Jared's '25 Most Popular Actors of 2014' List

Just Jared: We’ve been recapping the best in entertainment for 2014 over the last week and now it’s time to find out who readers made the most popular actors of the year.

Now, these are some of the hottest guys on the big screen and on TV and they’ve also made our list – did your favorite hunk make the cut? As a reminder, all of these results are calculated by reader interaction via pageviews, social media hits, comments, and more statistics. Our team had no say in the ranking!

1. Brad Pitt 
2. Leonardo DiCaprio 
3. Zac Efron 
4. George Clooney 
5. Gerard Butler 
6. Ashton Kutcher 
7. Robert Pattinson 
8. Bradley Cooper 
9. Charlie Hunnam 
10. Jamie Dornan 

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