Friday, December 19, 2014

Jamie Talks About 'Fifty Shades of Grey', 'The Fall' and 'The Siege of Jadotville' (Audio Interview)

Update: Added transcript of the interview.

Transcripted by The50ShadesWorld

Megan Mackay: So, I’m sure you’re glad to be home for Christmas?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah I am. I’m not actually quite home yet, I am going back tomorrow. A few days back there and then I come back home for Christmas proper next week.

Megan: And… tonight!

Jamie: Yeah! Can’t wait. I’ve known Paddy my whole life and it’s for a really important cause, something that’s really close to him. And I am just happy to support it.

Megan: And you’ve donated a prize..

Jamie: Yeah, I have. I haven’t gotten it cleared yet to make sure the tickets are available. I tried to make it happen before the event but I don’t know yet. I’ll make it happen, I’ll make it happen.

Megan: And we all know what we’re talking about – Fifty Shades I’m sure you’re extremely excited but you’re eaten your Christmas Turkey this year before all the press calls in February – What’s gonna happen?

Jamie: I am gonna be very busy until the middle of February when the film comes out. And then I am gonna be hiding under a rock somewhere for the next chapter of my life probably.

Megan: Talking about the next chapter, do we know when anything else is gonna happen after Fifty Shades – What are your plans for next year?

Jamie: I think, I hope so. I’d be sad to be unemployed after but I am attached to a movie [The Siege of Jadotville] that we scheduled to start filming in March in South Africa such an Irish story, an Irish army who’s send out to the Congo and… civil war. Amazing script and I’m very excited. So, hopefully we get in together and get go in March.

Megan: Another big character obviously… tonight [TheFall], I’m surprised you’re not at home watching him [Paul Spector].

Jamie: I know, I know why aren’t I always, people watching that is my issue that is a lot of numbers we’re losing because 550 People. Yeah I know, obviously I’m pleased with that and people seem to be responding as well the second series as the first which as we wanted. I’m very proud of that show, you know and I’m delighted that people love it.

Megan: What was that like to try? It’s a bit of a hard one when you get in a character… identify with him but explain how you do that?

Jamie: The thing is, as an actor you have to find something identifiable with every character you play. I think, I gonna identity – I couldn’t in the first series but this series I can as a father. I am a father of just over a year and that has helped me a little bit. Trying to get into that side of him. The other stuff, you just have to… somewhere really rotten and hope it expresses the way you intended to. He’s a horrible man but I love playing him.

Megan: Must be great to play a baddie.

Jamie: Yeah it is, it really is. And he’s such a baddie. Doesn’t come much worse.

Megan: And what about, most people sort of would’ve walk down the street and… catch phrases… and things like that. You’ve got two interesting characters. What’s it been like?

Jamie: There’s one time in London over a year ago someone shouted "There’s that serial killer!" as I was get on the tube and everyone like panicked and stared at me. Which was sort of not the kind of attention I’m after. But I am sure there’d be some other special ones for Christian Grey as well.

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