Thursday, August 11, 2016

New Video Interview of Jamie and Cillian Murphy with Deco Drive - 'Anthropoid' Press Junket

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WSVN - “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor Jamie Dornan trades in his whips and chains for a soldier’s uniform in “Anthropoid.” He and Cillian Murphy star in the true story of a secret mission during World War Two in Czechoslovakia.

But don’t call it a war movie — because the stars say it’s so much more.

Toby Jones (as Uncle Hajský): “What is your mission ?”

Nazi Officer Reinhard Heydrich — is their mission.

Jamie Dorman (as Jan Kubis): “He’s executed thousands. Only Hitler is above him in the Nazi hierarchy.”

Marcin Dorocinski (as Ladislav Vanek): “Are you completely mad?”

Yep, they’re mad. That’s why Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy are on the hunt for Hitler’s third-in-command.

Cillian Murphy: “Two Czech soldiers were parachuted into Czechoslovakia, as it was at the time, and their mission was to assassinate him.”

Based on a true story — “Anthropoid” is shot from the point of view of the soldiers involved in the 1942 secret operation.

Jamie Dornan: “I play Jan Kubis and Cillian plays Josef Gabcík. And they’re these two Czech soldiers who in real life were close, you know, they were close friends, I think, throughout out the mission. Essentially, they were the ones who did the main carrying out of the assassination attempt.

Cillian and Jamie loved being in the film.

Jamie Dornan: “It happened to be a story that grabbed me and it was a no-brainer, really.”

But filming scenes in the same spot where “Operation Anthropoid” actually played out in World War II more than 70 years ago was an even bigger plus.

Cillian Murphy: “We spent a lot of time in the actual church, and you walk and you see the bullet holes, and you see where the hand grenades got off. It’s very very humbling.”

Shooting got intense at times — but Jamie and Cillian found a way to handle it.

Jamie Dornan: “At the end of those days, you do often need some kind of release. You usually reward yourself with a drink at the end of the days.”

Cillian Murphy: “Best beer in the world Czech Republic.”

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