Thursday, August 11, 2016

New BTS Pictures from 'Anthropoid' + Quotes from Jamie, Cillian Murphy and Sean Ellis

Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan together on the set of “Anthropoid,” the new World War II thriller from the fashion-photographer-turned-director Sean Ellis. “I can’t imagine the film without them,” Ellis says. “I met with Cillian and thought we were definitely on the same page. After reading the script he had some really great, insightful ideas about the character, and you go, yes, this is someone who’s just going to bring to really breathe life into Gabcik.”

Ellis (left) watches Dornan rehearse a scene from behind the camera. Dornan remembers being taken with the script from his first read. “It all felt very human and very relatable,” he says.

Reinhard Heydrich, played by Detlef Bothe, points his gun at Jozef Gabcik (Murphy). The scene features one of the film’s big twists, which Ellis describes as “one of the great reversals, for me, in this story.” After learning about the details of Operation Anthropoid from a documentary, Ellis says, “I couldn’t believe it” — punctuating his statement with much stronger language.

Dornan (left) and Murphy head off on their mission. “He was a very, very successful photographer before he became a director,” Murphy says of Ellis. “The guy knows about photography like nobody else.”

Dornan as Jan Kubis. Ellis admired Dornan’s work as the sociopathic serial killer Paul Spector in the British drama “The Fall.” “I sort of said to him that he’d be opposite of Paul Spector,” Ellis says. “You’ve got to eradicate any of that darkness.”

Murphy and Dornan on the set of the final shootout in an exact replica of the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Prague. “They were the most intense days of filming,” Dornan says. “We were all running around from gunfire, and it’s a very hot, sweaty, sort of mad environment, I would say. It’s exhausting and totally immersive.”

For the movie’s final moments, which take place in the church’s crypt, the music was especially important. “I worked very closely with Robin Foster, the composer,” says Ellis, who commissioned the final music early in production. “I played it only twice and I wrote back to Robin and I said, ‘It’s the piece of music that we’re going to use; I can’t listen to it anymore because I do not want it to lose its power for me.’”

 Cillian Murphy

Murphy as Josef Gabcik. While Ellis saw Dornan’s character as “innocent,” Murphy’s Gabcik was a hardened realist. “In a weird way, Cillian’s got the darkness,” Ellis says. “He was very excited to explore that as an actor.”

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