Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cillian Murphy Mentions Jamie

Nylon - Did you shut yourself off on this shoot?

Pretty much. We were shooting in Prague, which is a beautiful city. It’s a really nice place to be. My family did come over for periods. Given the schedule, it was pretty intense, and we shot very, very fast. It was like eight weeks. It does take over your life, though.

Do you think that short time-span impacted your performance or the film at all?

No. It’s an independent, mid-budget movie. Naturally, you have to shoot as quickly as you can, with availability and all those things. The atmosphere that [director] Sean [Ellis] established is very convivial. Jamie and I have a really good rapport. There’s a lot of laughing. That allows you to explore the darker stuff easier because you’re in a good place.


Esquire - Did you film in the actual church?

We built a life-sized replica. It was extraordinary. In this film studio in Prague there was a full reproduction of that church, which we then blew the shit out of. It was strange because me and Jamie had shot almost the entire movie together and we shot it more or less chronologically. And then I went home while he shot his sequence in the church upstairs and he went home while I shot my sequence in the church crypts downstairs. So they were very separate. But it took about three weeks.

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