Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rafe Spall Talks About Jamie

Scotsman - Not least because Spall is coincidentally kicking Hollywood superficiality to the kerb in the week that the 50 Shades of Grey promotional activity has gone through the roof. In the papers, on buses, literally everywhere, there are images of the buff body of actor Jamie Dornan, who plays Christian Grey in the EL James adaptation. What is sexy? It doesn’t seem that there’s much debate to be had on that one. And I get why it’s nice to look at Dornan’s perfectly honed torso, but surely that’s not what it’s all about? Now it’s me who is pontificating and when there’s a moment of silence, I wonder if Spall’s lost interest in my little diatribe. “It’s funny that you should say that,” he says eventually, “and there are two parts to my answer. One, Jamie Dornan is the godfather of my son, so it’s really funny to hear people speaking about his perfectly honed torso because he’s like my stupid mate.” He guffaws. “The thing about Dornan is, yes, he looks like that, he’s straight up one of the best looking men in the world, but his personality doesn’t marry with that in any way. He’s just my daft mate. What makes him attractive is that he is self-deprecating, funny and insecure like everybody. He’s blessed with that body and those looks but the women I know aren’t bothered by six packs and all that stuff. They don’t find those things conventionally attractive, which is good news for me because I would never have had sex if that hadn’t been the case.”

Actually, he’s happily married, to actress Elize du Toit, and they have two kids, Lena, who is three and a son, Rex, who is a year younger.

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