Monday, March 9, 2015

New Interviews of Jamie and Dakota with Caracol TV (Colombia)

Dubbed in Spanish


Jamie: "Yeah… mostly, let’s be honest, the interest is on women but I know there are men who know the story and have read these books, too. There’s a lot of mistery, intrigue… in the BDSM world and we don’t know too much about it. The erotic aspect is something really important in the story but there are three great and big books, best-sellers, but people really love them because there’s a completely different and strong love story."

Jamie: "I mean, my favourite scene is the negotiation one, when we are at the office signing the contract. Dakota and I were making fun all the time, we really enjoyed that scene because it was like playing a game with the dialogues. It’s something I always dreamed to do. I had imagined it before starting filming and I liked the camera’s directions… I had too much fun when I saw it on the screen because what they talk about is really surrealistic. I think I’ve never seen a scene like that on a movie before."

Thanks to @FannyNoSe for translation

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