Monday, March 30, 2015

New Pictures of Jamie at Emmy Edition of Variety Studio: Actors on Actors (March 29th)



@Variety: We're wrapping the day with @JamieDornan and @michaeljkellyjr at #VarietyStudio presented by @Autograph

@debrabirnbaum: And that's a wrap on #VarietyStudio. Thank you @JamieDornan and @michaeljkellyjr for ending my day perfectly.

: They're done taping but Michael Kelly and Jaime Dornan are still chatting...

@jenelleriley: One final Jaime Dornan shot. And that's a wrap! #VarietyStudio

Celebrating the art of story-telling with @JamieDornan & @michaeljkellyjr at the #VarietyStudio. #ActorsOnActors

Taking snaps of a coupla crazed psychopaths at the @Variety Studio for @autographhotels. Thanks for hanging out @jamiedornan & @realmichaelkelly. #ActorsOnActors #VarietyStudio *Please don't 🔪 me. 😳


@jenelleriley: Watching Jaime Dornan meet Michael Kelly is so admiration society. #TheFall #HouseOfCards #VarietyStudio

@jenellerileyHaving a convo with Jaime Dornan about one of our favorite mutual friends @jenmorrisonlive #VarietyStudio

@debrabirnbaum: And they're here. Jamie Dornan and @michaeljkellyjr. He's teasing me that he's going to take his shirt off. #VarietyStudio

@LauInLA: Dornan "made a choice with Spector to play him very still." #TheFall spends a lot of time with him when he's alone, makes him more enigmatic"

@LauInLA: Dornan enjoys playing that solitude: "it must look pretty creepy and cool... watching someone try to be, when they are that kind if monster"

@LauInLA: Dornan says he freaked out when he learned he was doing #ActorsOnActors w/ Michael Kelley; he'd just watched #HouseOfCards S 3"

@LauInLADornan had never been a lead before #TheFall, creator Allan Cubitt fought for him, gave him confidence. He dreads auditions and table reads

@LauInLA#TheFall isn't shot sequentially, just six episodes filmed over a 3-4 month period. Allan was writing the Season 2 finale while filming it

@LauInLA: Dornan says he was happy to be 30 and not 20 when #TheFall came along. He admires actors who got a later start, like Fassbender, Clooney.

: Jamie Dornan is gorgeous either way, but I so prefer the beard. He and Michael Kelly were so great at #VarietyStudio

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