Monday, March 30, 2015

LA Times Emmy Contender Live Chat - Video + Pictures

Live Emmy Contender Chat: Jamie Dornan of 'The Fall'




RT @latimesent: "He's deeply troubled by events that happened to him when he's young... There's aspects that are already ingrained" re: "The Fall" character

RT @latimesent: "I tried to totally separate it." On playing Paul Spector interacting with his children on screen

RT @latimesent: "You'd really have to question a person who says, 'He's a great guy.'" - Dornan on Paul Spector

RT @latimesent: Dornan: "We pinned a lot" on hopes for getting a second season (which they did)! #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I'll probably put that on my CV." - Dornan on learning Madonna binge-watches the show

RT @latimesent: "He's someone who prides himself on being so clinical... That he leaves no stone unturned." - Dornan on Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: Do you think Spector wanted to be caught? "No." #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "The arrogance of these guys is unbelievable." - Dornan on serial killers #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "He'll let us do what we think is right." - Dornan on #TheFall's director trusting the actors 

RT @latimesent: "I was trying to convey a lot of things... Like the look you give right before you kiss someone." - Dornan on shooting the finale scene

RT @latimesent: "I'm a huge fan of Gillian Anderson." - Jamie Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "It was my favorite day I've ever had." - Dornan on shooting the final scene 

RT @latimesent: "I'm not a method actor, at all... I guess you can't be for this role." - Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I followed a woman off the train one day, just to see what it was like... Then I was like, 'what am I doing?'" - Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "There is a blooper reel. You'll probably never see it." - Dornan on funny outtakes from #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "We're very comfortable with each other." - Dornan on working with the actress who plays Katie on #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "You find out a lot about yourself." - Dornan on shooting murder scenes on #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "You're eternally changed by having a baby." - Dornan on becoming a father between s1 and s2 #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "Don't even make me think of that!" - Dornan on thinking of his daughter while playing Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "It takes its toll... I feel somewhat altered and maybe scarred a little, from playing Spector." -Dornan #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "I'm dying to do something like that." - Dornan on when we'll see him in something more light-hearted

RT @latimesent: "I definitely want to do something lighter. It's not hard to get lighter than 'The Fall!'" - Dornan

RT @latimesent: "I'm a feminist at heart, and I'm totally aware of why people have an issue with this show." - @JamieDornan 

RT @latimesent: "Hopefully nothing... Beard?" - Dornan on what he has in common with Paul Spector #TheFall

RT @latimesent: "Having to treat women that way. Also the running." -Dornan on the hardest parts of doing the show #TheFall

RT @latimesent: Third season of #TheFall starts filming just before Christmas, says @JamieDornan

RT @latimesent: That's all for our @JamieDornan Emmy chat. Thanks for tuning in!

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