Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jennifer Morrison Mentions Jamie During A Twitter Q&A

Jennifer Morrison, Jamie's co-star in 'Once Upon a Time'

@jenmorrisonlive: "Question 2: How did you come up with the idea to wear Graham's shoe lace? #askjen  #uglyducklings"

Jennifer Morrison: ". @gozdeuca A common theme that came up in the memoirs that I read written by people who had beed raised in the foster system, was that they held onto small significant objects that they kept with them their whole lives. Graham was extremely significant to Emma and I wanted to find something she could keep with her in memory of him. The shoelace was something that @jamiedornan and I came up with while chatting about this idea. His boots, missing one lace, are still in Emma's office in the sherif station as well. ‪#‎askjen‬ ‪#‎uglyducklings‬"

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