Friday, August 15, 2014

Jamie is on The Playlist's "On The Rise 2014: 12 Actors To Watch" List

Jamie Dornan

With a role in one of next year's most hotly anticipated films, Jamie Dornan could be a star in the making. The 32 year Northern Irish actor (distantly related to 1940s star Greer Garson) started off as a model for the likes of Calvin Klein while simultaneously playing in folk band Sons Of Jim, but despite making a brief acting debut in Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette," he was for years best known as Keira Knightley's swain. Better things for his career seemed to be on the way when he was cast as the Sheriff (and former Huntsman) in hit ABC series "Once Upon A Time," but he was killed off after only a handful of episodes in a shock plot twist. Third time was the charm though, and last year Dornan appeared opposite Gillian Anderson in "The Fall," a critically acclaimed BBC thriller series in which, cast firmly against type, he played the ordinary suburban father who's secretly a bitterly misogynist serial killer, his model looks making him almost incongruous yet effective in the part. It put Dornan on the map, and when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of Sam Taylor-Wood's upcoming adaptation of erotic literary blockbuster "50 Shades Of Grey," Dornan landed talked-about role in Hollywood, of billionaire/bondage enthusiast Christian Grey. The part has the potential to make him a lust object for billions, but Dornan actually has the acting chops to back it up, impressing in the recent Channel 4 drama "New Worlds" opposite Alice Englert. On the way, he'll appear in transatlantic romance "Flying Home," a supporting gig in the Bradley Cooper-starring untitled chef-themed movie, a second season of "The Fall," and "50 Shades Of Grey" hitting next Valentine's Day. After that, the world should be his oyster, and he's already started lining up projects, with an action movie at home in Ireland called "The Siege Of Jadotville," and some rumors that he might take the lead in Guy Ritchie's "King Arthur."


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