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Jamie in Shortlist Mode Magazine (Spring/Summer 2012) - Outtakes + Scans + Interview





You can read transcript of Jamie's interview below


Jamie Dornan has dominated the men's fashion scene for the past decade, having been a poster boy for both Calvin Klein and Dior, but as his debut on British TV in Adam Horowitz's Once Upon a Time draws close, he's more worried about you liking him, says Matt Hussey.

If I read an interview with me, I often think, "What a d*ck!" Not the usual response you would expect to hear from one of Britain's most successful models, but then again, Jamie Dornan isn't what you would call the archetypal pin-up.

When he arrives at the tail end of MODE's Versace shoot in London, he stares in befuddlement as the photographer screams "Show me money!" at a male model drapped in gold patterned silk.

"I'm sorry, but I've never been in a shoot before where the photographer has shouted, 'Show me money,'" he says in his distinctive Northern Irish accent.

For someone who has been dubbed the "male Kate Moss", "the Golden Torso" and the "next Colin Farrell" for his turn in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, the idea of being remotely boastful or proud of his achievements doesn't sit very easily with the 29-year-old.

"Modelling has been very good to me, in that I've earned money from it and I've had the opportunity to travel, but that's about it for me. There are not many places you can go in modelling. I've nothing else to achieve in it. Oh God, I sound like a d*ck again, don't I?"

With his acting career in the US taking off, the unfailingly modest Dornan finds it easier to talk about how many times he's broken his nose (three), his golf handicap (13) and how everyone in the US thinks he's Scottish rather than his remarkable rise through the fashion industry.

Born in a small town called Holywood ("everyone pronounces it like 'Hollywood" insists Dornan), he attended school in Belfast. His father, a keen rugby player and actor was offered a place at Rada but chose medicine instead. However, Jamie never felt academia was for him.

"I learned quite a lot about acting back then, but I was just f*cking around. I knew I was not the type of person who would sit down and type numbers all day - my brain just doesn't work that way. I never thought I would end up sitting in an office."

He studied marketing at Middlesbrough University in 2001 before dropping out after his first year. "All I did was drink and play rugby. I never went to lectures. I would not have set the marketing world alight had I qualified."

At the end of his first year, his sister suggested he apply for the reality TV show, Model Behaviour, which had a contract with top model agency Select as first prize.

"I got to the stage where there were five people from each different city that went down to London, I was one of the five people from Belfast, which isn't saying a lot. I got to London - the idea was we were to be whittled down to the point where we were all living in a house together. I got kicked out on day two."

Despite his rejection from the show, he approached one of the agents at Select and asked if he could have another try. With the offer of work, he quit university and moved to London.

At the same time, he started folk band Sons of Jim with friend David Alexander, enjoying moderate success, although he's quick to say they never did, "We weren't any good. We were easily manipulated, and easily led, and we ended up singing songs we didn't want to sign."

Meanwhile, Dornan's modelling career was taking off - appearing in an Asprey as alongside Keira Knightleyin 2003,who he subsequently dated for two years.

Over the following nine years he racked up modelling campaigns for Calvin Klein, Aquascutum, Armani and Dior Homme, working with the likes of Gisele, Eva Mendes and his female equlvalent, Kate Moss.

But for Dornan, it was always a means to an end. "I only did Milan Fashion Week once, and it was f*cking horrible. What guy would enjoy that? Hanging out witha buch of f*cking douche models ,each of them saying, 'Ah I saw you in that campaign, really good stuff,' and you're like 'F*ck off, I don't want to talk about what that job is like.' But that's just me."

In 2006, Sofia Coppola cast him as Swedish Count Axel Fersen in her biopic on the life of Marie Antoinette alongside Kirsten Dunst, kick-starting his acting career.

A number of small, independent projects followed before he was selected to play the role of Sheriff Graham in ABC's Once Upon a Time late last year. Did he feel his modelling past made it harder for him to slide into acting?

"I wasn't plucked out of a picture and dropped in. I did all the sh*t everyone does for the part. So people are expecting you to act a part. The reality is that you have to work harder to break the stigma. Most of the male models I've met are d*cks, so most of the assumptions about them, I guess, are true."

After 10 years of modelling, five as a musician, and a brief attempt at becoming a professional rugby player, Dornan appears to have found his niche. "I don't like to sit still," he says as he starts wrapping his leg around his waist. "Sorry, I'm doing the whole d*ck thing again, aren't I?"


"I'm really into the classics. In my head, I try to be a little bit French. For me, it's simple: a nice pair of jeans that fit you, a decent button-down shirt, a navy sweater and a decent pair of shoes, and you're off. Put it this way - I would never fit into east London. I don't think it takes a lot of a guy to look good. A good suit, a few well-fitting T-shirts and a couple of good shirts. I don't know how some guys can get it so f*cking wrong."


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