Saturday, June 28, 2014

Emmett Scanlan Talks About 'The Fall' and Jamie

*The interview was published back in April. The Fall was a massive hit last year, and you’ll be returning to the role for Season Two. Can you give us any hints as to what viewers can expect?

Emmett Scanlan: The Fall was another show that I knew I had to be part of. The scripts were beautiful... I didn't care what part I got I just knew I had to get a part. I wanted to help tell Allan's (Cubitt, Programme Creator) story. It came straight after Oaks and DC Glen Martin was the complete antithesis to Brendan Brady. It was a perfect next step. I’m so humbled to have been part of it, to continue to be part of it.

At the moment I'm filming the second season. 6 episodes. I think the scripts are even better than last years, which is saying something. Cubitt is a genius. And producers Julian (Stevens) and Gub (Neal) magnetic. This was never going to be a one series show. The fact it was so popular and we get to continue telling this story is a f**king blessing. There's a great atmosphere on set. After the IFTA wins and BAFTA nominations, it feels like being part of something really special. To be fair it has always felt like that. What is it like working with the legend that is Gillian Anderson?

ES: I'm filming all this week with Gillian. She's f**king wonderful to watch. Effortless. Experienced. She doesn't have an off day. Same can’t be said for me... I'm learning. Every day. And that’s all I can ever ask for. But I need to learn faster and there’s no better actor to learn from. And is Jamie Dornan really THAT handsome in real life?

ES: Is Jamie really that handsome?? What type of f**king question is that?? You asking me or Brendan Brady?? On a scale of 1 to Jamie, I give myself a 2… I blame my parents...

Jamie is a top bloke. A Man United fan, a father and is riding the wave to stardom... Richly deserved. Why? Because he takes risks... You can't lose if you take risks. Regardless of the outcome.

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