Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jamie is #8 on Heat Magazine's "Hot Hunks" Poll

Belfast Telegraph - Hollywood star Zac Efron has been named the 'hottest hunk' of 2014 – ousting Tom Daley, who took top spot in the Heat magazine poll last year.


The highest new entry in the annual list is Northern Ireland actor Jamie Dornan in eighth place, who will be seen starring in the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey next year.

Dornan shot to fame after his role as a serial killer in TV series The Fall with former X Files actress Gillian Anderson. It was filmed in Northern Ireland.


The Hottest Hunks top 10 (with last year's positions in brackets):

1. (4) Zac Efron
2. (1) Tom Daley
3. (3) David Beckham
4. (25) Harry Judd
5. (33) Leonardo DiCaprio
6. (12) Bradley Cooper
7. (11) Gary Barlow
8. (-) Jamie Dornan
9. (5) Ryan Gosling
10. (63) Henry Cavill

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