Friday, July 25, 2014

E. L. James Mentions Jamie On Twitter

@madison_bauer: "@E_L_James erika without your beautuful story,this film woukdn't exist.thank you :).jamie & dakota are the best"

@E_L_James: "@madison_bauer They are. :)"

@E_L_James: "They did! RT “@upallzarry: @E_L_James It's a great production team and a wonderful story. Dakota and Jamie did a great job. Love u.”"

@XO_BB_XO: "Curious... Did @JamieDornan really take off with the R8 on set and go joy riding? @E_L_James"

@E_L_James: "@XO_BB_XO @JamieDornan1 All the time..."

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