Monday, December 7, 2015

Cillian Murphy Talks About Jamie


The Irish Sun - Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy reckons he couldn’t handle the international fame of fellow Irish star Jamie Dornan.

The Corkman, best known for roles in billion euro blockbusters Inception and The Dark Knight, worked closely with the Fifty Shades hunk in next year’s World War Two drama, Anthropoid.

But 39-year-old Cillian is thankful his level of celebrity doesn’t compare to Dornan’s superstar success as Christian Grey.

He said: “I just can’t even fathom what that must be the like. It’s a concept that’s so indescribable, it wouldn’t be for me. But Jamie is an incredible actor and person, you wouldn’t know with him. 

“He’s very professional yet so kind and laidback. None of that, anything going on, affects his performance or who he is.”

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