Monday, September 1, 2014

New/Old Fan Picture of Jamie (August 2014) + Fan Encounter

*The date of the picture is unknown.

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From Marian:

"The picture was taken in August. He was walking with his wife in the street where I live. Then he entered to the bar and I asked (to take a picture). Nobody recognized him. Some people even asked me who was the person I took the picture with. Apparently he lives in the neighborhood! I hope I can see him again but it is quite impossible for me to have the same luck.

The funny fact. I was without my phone because I had just gone to the store to buy some cookies. Then I saw him and went running back to my house to get my phone. He was walking super slow so that is why I still saw him afterwards. Nobody even noticed that it was him. He even saw me running to my house and then back to him.

He was with his wife and a couple of friends."

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