Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bronagh Waugh Talks About Jamie and 'The Fall'

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Coleraine-born Bronagh Waugh, who returns to our screens soon in the second series of crime thriller The Fall, tells Jenny Lee the personal reason why she is supporting this month's Macmillan coffee morning

WHAT'S it like being Jamie Dornan's wife? That's the question Bronagh Waugh has been asked many times since hugely popular BBC Two crime thriller The Fall hit our television screens last year.In the Belfast-set series, which follows a PSNI investigation into a string of murders, Bronagh plays Sally-Ann Spector, the wife of serial killer Paul Spector (Dornan). "I get asked about Jamie all the time. He's a really nice guy and I'm really proud of him but it's just like working with any other actor," Bronagh says.

Former model Dornan is playing the lead in a much-anticipated screen adaptation of the steamy novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Will she be going to the premiere? "I'm sure we will all go and see it to support Jamie but I haven't read the books," the 31-year-old Northern Ireland actress admits. "I got to page 30 but it wasn't my cup of tea."

The Fall is rumoured to be returning to our screens early next month. So will Sally finally realise her husband is a murderer or will she be his next victim? "I'd have to kill you, Jenny, if I told you anything," Bronagh jokes. "We are totally under lock and key about it. All I can say is it's going to be fabulous."

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