Monday, September 1, 2014

'Flying Home' Director Dominique Deruddere Answers Our Questions About Jamie

Thanks to our friend Celine at Fifty Shades of Grey Fan we got a chance to ask 'Flying Home' director Dominiqe Deruddere two questions about Jamie and here is his answers:

What was it like working with Jamie? 
Dominique Deruddere: "It was very nice working with Jamie. He's a great guy and a very good actor." 
Did Jamie take lessons for his American accent? 
Dominique Deruddere: "I don't know if he took lessons. His US accent was very good right from the start."

And here is Celine's questions and Dominique Deruddere's answers:

Does Jamie like French fries? 
Dominique Deruddere: "Jamie loves French fries with mayonnaise." 
What beer Colin drinks in the movie? Is it Leffe? 
Dominique Deruddere: "The beer Jamie drank when his character was drunk was real. It's called Trappist Beer (Belgian beer)." 

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