Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sean Ellis Talks About Jamie

You have cast Jamie Dornan, who became famous in the whole world because of his role in Fifty Shades of Grey, but you also have cast Cillian Murphy. Why those two?

Sean Ellis: We chose Cillian first, I like him and he did a great job with the script. When everything came together, he was the only choice for Gabčík. It wasn't that easy with Kubiš. We were looking for someone, who would have a great chemistry with Cillian. Eventually we chose Jamie. I met him before Fifty Shades of Grey hit the theatres. We knew about his role (of Christian) and to be honest, we weren't very happy about it. We were thinking whether his role in Fifty Shades could possibly hurt Anthropoid. But when I saw Jamie's excitement for Kubiš' story...

I was really surprised to see what a big star he actually is. Fans from Italy arrived just because of him.

Sean Ellis: Kubiš was very handsome and girls went after him so they have this in common.

Source | Translation: @KrisickaFan

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  1. Chauvinistic pov, Sean Ellis! Didn't read the book and movie wasn't released so based on what keeps one ignorant: contempt prior to investigation. Book is about healing from abuse through love, not just Bdsm and