Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sam Keeley Talks About 'Jadotville', 'Anthropoid' and Mentions Jamie

Vulkan Magazine: Did you do a lot of research into the Congo for the war period piece Jadotville where you star alongside Jamie Dornan?

Sam Keeley: JADOTVILLE was and is a story that was close to my heart. Most of the men who fought in that unit were from my home county in Ireland so I felt a responsibility to portray the characters right. For research I met with two veterans who fought in the siege of Jadotville and spoke to them about their experiences. Their names are John Gorman and Noel Stanley. These men are the real thing, they held that town for five days against a huge enemy force and lost no one. They were kind enough to help me get ready for the role.

Vulkan Magazine: What was your experience of filming Anthropoid? Was it daunting true story to depict?

Sam Keeley: I had a great time shooting ANTHROPOID. Myself and Jamie (Dornan) went straight from Africa after JADOTVILLE to Prague to shoot it so that was a lot of fun. Working with Sean Ellis was a great experience too, he is a director who knows exactly what he wants and that confidence he has makes you feel safer about your choices as an actor. Of course there was a certain pressure being foreigners in the Czech Republic telling a very sensitive Czech story. Most of the crew were Czech and we had their blessing the entire time and they were very pleased with it. Sean would never do this story an injustice.

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