Thursday, February 11, 2016

Golfer Luke Donald Mentions Jamie

The last time we spoke was earlier this year at a gala dinner after a tournament in St Andrews in Scotland. Do you ever get tired of attending events or is it a fun part of what you do?

Luke Donald: That side of things is very much part of the job these days. I remember that event in St Andrews being a really fun evening. I missed the cut earlier that day, so I was able to relax and let my hair down a bit, which I don’t normally get to do. I remember seeing [Fifty Shades of Grey] actor Jamie Dornan there. My wife is enamoured with him and was too embarrassed to go and say ‘hello’ so she made me go over. It was funny because as I introduced myself, he said that he had wanted to come over and talk to me, but was too embarrassed! It’s funny how golf has become so popular with celebrities and other athletes, and it’s even stranger when they are in awe of you!


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