Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gerard McCarthy Talks About 'The Fall' and Mentions Jamie

Gerard McCarty to BelfastLive: "I haven't been told officially when it's back on, but I have read on a few different websites saying that it was definitely going to be this year.

 "I think by the time they finish shooting in April and they get it all cut together maybe it will be October/November time, but I genuinely have no idea.

 "I hope it's not during the summer as it's the kind of show when it's dark outside and you're sat in your living room wetting yourself that Jamie Dornan is going to come round and slit your throat and paint your nails for you, it's that kind of show.

 "I remember when we were doing the first series and there were people on Facebook saying, come on round Jamie the back door is open, it's hilarious, only in Belfast, we've no shame."

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