Saturday, January 9, 2016

Eddie Redmayne Mentions Jamie + Jamie Talks About Eddie

GQ UK - Scans 

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Finally, in a daze, the Oscars the next day. He remembers that after the second Oscar, seemingly every single award received a stand-ing ovation, and so, as his wife Hannah was all but sewn into her dress and immobile, he had to hoist her up, Weekend At Bernie's-style, each time. The speech itself was a blur ("I had such a spike of adrenaline I can't remember anything"), and then straight off stage to a press conference, where an Australian journalist asked if it was true that Karl and Susan Kennedy from Neighbours were his acting inspirations (they were). Then, Madonna's party with every celeb-rity on the planet ("There's Beyonce, and Beyonce's music is playing, and she's with Jay Z"), but he mostly huddled with his good friends Jamie Dornan, Benedict Cumberbatch and various other Brits.

Finally, at around 4am, an Eddie Redmayne Oscars delegation, which included Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner, gathered at his hotel bar in the Sunset Tower, overlooking Sunset Boulevard, and so at last he could relax, could settle and, for him, be curiously calm ("It was the first time I could actually, you know..."). He watched the Los Angeles sun gently rise.


Jamie Dornan: "He's probably the most giving person I know."


A tale about his time as Jamie Doman's flatmate in LA before they were famous (they played a lot of ping-pong; they didn't get any work) leads to a hurried mention of the car he drove (the "cheapest Nissan" while "Jamie would live the dream, this amazing hatchback"), how he spent no money ("I was super-stingy") and, for good measure, a passing mention of his family again ("It was fiercely competitive table tennis... and all our families have proper jobs!"). The brief Eton chat, meanwhile, brings up this revelation: sometimes, he says, budding actors send him letters, and he pays their rent.

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