Monday, August 17, 2015

New Fan Pictures and Video of Jamie on the 'Anthropoid' Set (August 17) + Fan Encounter

With Amelia


Fan Encounter

From adel_oudranova
Soo... we came to the set in rainy morning. The earliest scenes filmed just Cillian and jamie wasn't at the set. So me and my friends asked if Jamie arrives and will be there on set today. And security started said NO NO NO! He will not be there on set today. And if we wait for photo with him, we are wait here in vain. And that photo will not. But Jamie of course arrived to the set. But he come just for a moment. He only talked with Sean and Cillian. And he in moment left from the set. So we'll asked one of our friend from the extras if Jamie arrive yet. He told us that he of course arrive. So Jamie came again but with Cillian shoot in house, soo we did not see him. Until he came out from the house. And once again he left in car the set. So we ran after the car as he drove and we found where were the actors caravans. We had a homemade banners for him. And at the banners was something like: ''Jamie, Mr.Dornan. can we take a photo with you please? We love you. We waiting here for 3 days! We didn't know you only as Christian Grey but also in your another films and series!'' Suddenly Jamie's car drobe again. Today it was very very very rainy day in Prague. We stood there with umbrellas with banners and with the our sad face, And Jamie rode around us..The Jamie's driver slowed down car to get Jamie could read the our banners. Jamie read it and he began to laugh at us. He rode back to the set again. So we went back. But Jamie wasn't nowhere. So we looked up and he was in a tall building above us. So we up again our banners and he started waving to us. AND HE TOOK A PICTURE OF US!!!!!!!!! SO WE ARE IN JAMIE'S PHONE!!!! Suddenly he dissappeared from the window and he was opposite us. He talked with some guy form production and showed to us. And suddenly he walked to us!! He had a bih green umbrella nad STARBUCKS and told us: ''Hi girls! I'm sorry that you had waiting soo long. Are not you cold?? You're awfully wet from the rain! Do you want photos or signatures? And we said that we want photos. And he said that it must be very quickly bc. they have soo much work and he must go shoot. So we everybody taked a photo with him. He was very nice, always smiled. Then he told us that thanks to us that we were waiting here for him and said goodbey to us. Sice I have a ''normal'' photo with him so I want a SELFIE! Even when we took photo with him he took us under his umbrella! He was very very very kind and just amazing. He is laughing and waving still. And it was wonderful day today! I am happiest in the world. And I wish that all of us will meet him!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR AMAZING COMMENTS AND CONGRATS!!!!

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