Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jamie Talks About Carey Mulligan in Vogue

Vogue - Our walk takes us down to Highgate village, past the building where she lived when she first moved to the city at the age of eighteen. She remembers that time with great fondness, pointing up at what was once her window. Before we cut across Waterlow Park, we pick up some lunch from a deli and walk in the cold, carrying paper cups of lentil soup.

In truth, she always thought she’d settle here, but she and Mumford live in West London because it’s easier to get from there to the farmhouse they own in Devon. They have a dog, a cocker spaniel called Rambo. (“Rimbaud as in the poet?” I ask because we have been talking about the poetry she likes to read before going onstage. “No,” Mulligan replies with a smile, “Rambo as in Sylvester Stallone.”)

“I like waking up in the morning and putting on whatever’s by the side of my bed, and putting on Wellington boots and walking up a steep hill. And not wearing any makeup,” she says. “When you’re working, everything’s so busy and so aesthetic. When all of that angst isn’t on you, you’re just kind of a better person—more focused on other people rather than worrying about yourself.” Her old friend the actor and former model Jamie Dornan says that “the country is a good representation of who Carey is. You can just enjoy life the way it’s meant to be, with people who love you.”

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