Saturday, April 11, 2015

Comedian Dara O'Briain Mentions Jamie

Aside from the world's obsession with selfies Dara also struggles to get his head around the constant comparison between himself and fellow Irishman Terry Wogan.

"I always found it very confusing because he does a different job and Norton is clearly the heir.

"Norton does Eurovision, Norton does the radio show, Norton does the TV chat show.

"But it doesn't really matter because we will all be replaced soon anyway by this new swoop of sexy young Irish men – Jamie Dornan and the guy out of Poldark, Aidan Turner.

"Ireland for the first time in history has produced a generation of swarthy good looking men. And I genuinely have no idea where that came from. So I'm getting bumped down.

"It's a running joke between me and Chris O' Dowd that we are fighting to hang on to fifth place."


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