Saturday, May 7, 2016

'Once Upon A Time' Producers Mention Jamie

ET Online: If someone does die -- as your promo has promised -- what was the decision behind making that tough choice?

EK: Well, I can't comment on whether or not we're going to kill someone, but what I can tell you is our philosophy is we always do it to further the story. It is never taken lightly, it is never because of personal decisions, or this and that. These actors are our friends -- we love them. We love these characters, we love writing for them, but this show has stakes, and every once in a while, a death is used to further a character's arc or story -- be it for the good or the bad part of that person's emotional well-being.

AH: Going back to season one and the late, great Jamie Dornan, who was our first death on the show, no one loves Jamie more than me and Eddy -- except maybe Jamie's wife, but we're a close second -- and that was really difficult because that was always the plan. That was about the story and should someone pass away this season, it’s in that spirit. It's never easy, nor should it be. We take it very seriously. We know how attached fans get to the characters, and that really means a lot to us that fans get so passionate and so emotional about these characters -- and so do we. They're a part of us. We're writing and creating them, and telling their stories, so if and when we do let someone pass away, it's hard on us. It's hard on the writers, and it's hard on the cast and crew, but it's part of the storytelling process of a show like this.

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