Monday, October 26, 2015

Dominique Deruddere Talks About Jamie

How did you come to cast ­Jamie Dornan – who was ­almost unknown at the time – in the lead role?

Dominique Deruddere: My casting directors in Britain had told me about him and ­several other actors. They sent me an uncut scene from this British TV series (The Fall) in which Jamie played a serial killer, so I saw him and thought he was obviously a very solid actor. I asked him to come over to ­Belgium to see if it would work with the couple of girls who had made it to the finals, so I could see how the couple could work. It turned out that Jamie and Charlotte De Bruyne (who plays Isabelle) were the ideal match.

Were you shocked when he then suddenly achieved ­international fame for 50 Shades of Grey?

Dominique Deruddere: Flying Home had finished ­filming already when he was offered 50 Shades. I remember reading in the newspaper that Jamie had been chosen to play the main guy, so I wrote him an email and made fun of him about it. All of a sudden he is now a world famous actor. I’m happy for him.

What’s Jamie’s character like in Flying Home?

Dominique Deruddere: He is a cynical banker who only thinks about money and has no respect for others. That changes when he comes to Belgium and meets regular people leading simple lives. He feels attracted to their lifestyle. And all the simplicity is symbolised in the pigeon, a bird that represents peace and love.

You can read the full interview here

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