Sunday, June 21, 2015

Liz Jensen Talks About 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' and Mentions Jamie

"The Ninth Life of Louis Drax the movie is a winner - extraordinary, unusual, and touching. It also did something that good suspense films do, which is to send shivers down your spine. It wasn't my story any more. It was - and here I get an interestingly bittersweet feeling - a better one. And I just loved it.

My huge thanks to all who made the impossible happen against all the odds imaginable: to Max Minghella for his inspired and perfectly-judged script, to France's coolest director Alexandre Aja for his weird and beautiful vision, to Tim Bricknell for his limit-busting determination, to Miramax for their faith in the project, and to a team of amazing actors: Jamie Dornan who plays the handsomest and most passionately conflicted doctor who ever walked the planet (read the book, sisters), Sarah Gadon whose interpretation of Natalie Drax will take your breath away, Aaron Paul who will make you wince, gasp and cry, Aiden Longworth, the very grounded boy who perfectly channels a deeply disturbed one, Molly Parker who is the cleverest, bitchiest detective ever to interrogate a suspect, plus the great maestro Oliver Platt, the extraordinary Barbara Hershey and many others."

"The movie is set in the USA so the French references are gone. As you know from the novel, the doctor's role is intense, so Jamie Dornan is perfect for the role. Lots of electricity, lots of chemistry, lots of suppressed emotion. I was thrilled: he inhabits the character beautifully. A really strong, instinctive performance."

@LizJensenWriter: "Saw #The9thLifeofLouisDrax. #JamieDornan #AaronPaul #Sarah Gadon. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. All a writer could wish for, and more."

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